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Here’s a list of the services in the field of water damage restoration. Fort Lauderdale homes and businesses always turn to us to provide them in the best and most customer service oriented way:

Commercial Water Damage Restoration: Are you an insurance agent dealing with a water damage issue? Or are you a property owner requiring commercial water damage restoration? From a thorough inspection to a full intervention to fix burst pipes and perform complete water extraction, we will help your business recover from any type of water damage, identifying the problem and fixing it to perfection.

Residential Water Damage Restoration: Do you have a burst pipe flooding your home in Broward County? Are your home’s air ducts affected by water that shouldn’t be there? Do you require a top of the line water damage clean up? You can feel reassured because our top water removal team is only one call away, ready to help you, completing the process with a drying process that will leave your place as if water had not caused any damage.

Flooded Basement: Did a flood cause a disaster in your basement? Worry not: our flood response team in Fort Lauderdale is ready to step in and fix the situation for you!

Broken Pipes: You never want to let these unaddressed—call our offices for a fast intervention to fix your broken pipes and restore their normal functionality.

Sewage Cleaning: Our sewage cleaning team in Broward County can intervene both to prevent a problem before it occurs, or to fix one if you have already experienced sewage issues and require professional cleaning.

Sump Pump Cleanup: Our sump pump maintenance service is an affordable way of preventing more complex and expensive sump pump interventions when things get out of hand. Call us to keep your sump pump functioning smoothly.

Storm Recovery: When a storm occurs, water and fire damage are frequent issues that homeowners and businesses have to deal with—and happily in Fort Lauderdale we’re here to get to work and make things go back to how they were before the storm hit.

Flood Damage Cleanup: We try to offer the most affordable flood damage cleanup services in the Ft Lauderdale area because we know that’s an essential service that people and businesses require whenever a flood becomes a problem that requires a professional solution.

Mold Remediation: Mold remediation is the process of removing mold from a home or building. Mold removal should be done as soon as possible, as mold can cause health problems and damage to property. Mold remediation and mold damage restoration services can be complex, but every expert at our restoration company is ready to assist you and deliver outstanding results.

Basement Mold: Mold growth in basements is an extremely common scenario. Whether it is because a leaking pipe created humidity before the problem was fixed, or because flood damage was left unaddressed at some point, it is very likely to see mold leaving this area of your property affected. Fortunately, our professional restoration team can step in and fix any mold related issue, restoring your basement’s integrity.

Odor Removal: Our odor removal process is fast and effective. Whenever you have mold causing unpleasant odor,  you can call our office to request an effective odor removal service.

Crawlspace Encapsulation: If you live in an area with a humid climate, your crawl space is sure to become a place where mold or some sort of water intrusion is an issue. This makes crawlspace encapsulation become extremely recommendable to protect personal belongings and prevent property loss or damage. That’s something we can do with our our advanced equipment in Fort Lauderdale.

Attic Mold: Are you a property manager having to deal with attic mold problems reported by tenants? Do you want to rely on the professional water damage restoration service in Broward County that most companies trust? You can call us to have that issue correctly addressed, leaving the place mold free, and preventing further water damage or mold damage.

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Along with a top quality service, our restoration services and emergency services are fully insured by a reputed insurance company, giving you the extra peace of mind provided by a highly reliable locally owned Ft Lauderdale company.

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