Flood Damage Cleanup

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According to the latest statistics, U.S. States reported an average of 114 flood events between 2011 and 2021. Over the decade, fatality numbers scaled by 146 percent. Between the years, 1980 and 2022, flood events cost the United States $37 billion. These statistics do not account for the loss of lives and properties not covered under FEMA, the Red Cross, or insurance.

People unaffected by natural disasters have no idea what those impacted go through. The visual damage is just half of it as victims oftentimes find themselves homeless or living with friends and family members. People living in flood zones are generally hit harder than those in other areas.

Flash Floodwater Damage Cleanup

When victims are evacuated, they have no idea what the floodwaters are doing to their homes. Local officials ban the impacted people from their homes until the floodwater recedes to a safe level. The shock sets in upon arriving home to see the damage caused by the natural disaster.

To combat mold, there will be little time to spare. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevent “CDC” warns victims of the hidden dangers in floodwater. Bacteria and viruses in floodwater carry grave risks for everyone but more specifically for people with chronic illnesses, seniors, infants, and young children.

Pristine Water Damage Restoration is always on standby to assess the damage caused by flooding. Our team is comprised of skilled home restorers with decades of experience. We are always a phone call away.

Floodwater Damage Home Restoration Tips

Those impacted by a natural disaster are faced with the biggest cleanup of their lives. In addition to the cleanup, victims are left dealing with important restoration decisions. Home restoration is the process of restoring a house, flat, apartment, duplex, or townhouse to its original state before being hit by a flood.

As mentioned above, floodwaters contain life-threatening contaminants like E. coli, the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella typhimurium, and Shigella flexneri. The CDC advises against cleaning up after a flood without proper equipment, vaccinations, and experience.

Pristine Water Damage Restoration combines decades of experience, knowledge, premium safety gear, and innovative equipment to tackle flood cleanups and restorations.

Floodwater Damage Restoration FAQs

Does Floodwater Contain Dangerous Bacteria?

Yes, studies reveal the contaminants in floodwater are life-threatening. Extensive research detected human waste material in local floodwaters.

Do Occupants Need To Evacuate Their Homes During Restoration Projects?

It depends on the level of floodwater damage, flood damage insurance, family preference, support system, and budget. If the entire home was not impacted by the flood, the family can live in the unaffected area.

Is Floodwater Damage Restoration Expensive?

It can be but our custom quotes guarantee fair pricing across the State of Florida.

How Long Do Victims Home To Start The Cleanup To Avoid Mold?

Mold generally begins to grow within 24 hours of a natural disaster.

Pristine Water Damage Restoration is located in Florida. Our team is comprised of local residents who are familiar with cities and counties throughout the state. We recommend a free written quote as soon as possible to secure the best pricing.

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