Attic Mold

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We can remove mold from our clients’ attics. Call to get started.

Locals should rest assured knowing that our technicians are trained and experienced in the removal of attic mold. Unfortunately, leaky roofs and attic humidity can cause excess moisture in the attic. The excess moisture will eventually cause mold to grow in your attic. Don’t attempt to remove the mold on your own because the substance can be very dangerous. Instead, you should work with a professional who is trained to handle the toxic material. Call Pristine Water Damage Restoration to get assistance from the best technicians in the industry.

Why Is Mold Remediation Vital?

Getting rid of the mold rapidly should be your first priority. The presence of mold in your home can lead to numerous issues. First, the substance can be dangerous. It could cause serious health complications. Furthermore, it is going to expand and worsen. Your home’s value will drop significantly until the mold is dealt with. It is best to protect your health by having the mold removed from your attic immediately. The experts at Pristine Water Damage Restoration can deal with mold in basements, attics, kitchens, bathrooms, and elsewhere. You can depend on our technicians can rectify the problem while shielding you from risks.

What Causes Attic Mold?

Attic mold is primarily contributed to excess moisture. However, moisture and humidity in an attic can be caused by several problems, including leaky pipes, a roof leak, and even inadequate ventilation. The goal is to address the problem before it worsens. When a roof leaks, water will seep into the attic causing the humidity level to increase. Unfortunately, this can make the attic a suitable place for mold to grow.

Ventilation is another problem. Your attic should be properly ventilated to reduce the likelihood that mold will grow there.

Take Preventative Steps To Avoid Attic Mold

We strongly encourage taking steps to prevent mold from growing in your attic. Otherwise, you’ll encounter this problem before you know it. First, the attic should be properly ventilated. Be sure to install fans and vents to improve airflow and reduce humidity. You can also use a dehumidifier in your attic to reduce the humidity level. Bringing down the humidity will limit the risk of mold development. Our technicians can also help. When you call our office, we’ll send a few experts to your residence.

Besides removing any existing mold, we can also give you advice for preventing future problems.

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