Crawl Space Encapsulation

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Crawlspaces are an area underneath a structure, such as a house. Since the crawlspace is not livable, it is mostly utilized as storage for plumbing pipes, HVAC ductwork, and electrical wiring. These important systems are stored out of the weather and environmental elements but humidity is almost always an issue.

Humidity levels in crawlspaces vary depending on several factors. Location is the number one cause of severe crawlspace humidity. Florida has the second-highest percentage of humidity at 74.5, slightly lower than Alaska at 77.1%. Another factor is ventilation. Crawlspaces with poor ventilation are nearly always humid. Temperature is another factor of humidity. Warmer crawlspaces are generally more humid than cooler basements.

An HVAC duct leak or leaky water pipe can also cause humidity. Early leak detection is as simple as performing routine inspections of the plumbing and HVAC system. Fix leaks as soon as detected to deter mold growth.

Crawlspace Mold Due To Humidity

Mold is naturally found in the soil and organic matter in the process of rotting. Mold spreads when the spores dislodge, go airborne, and land in different locations. Unlike basements, crawlspaces have a dirt floor that contains mold spores. Combine this with high humidity, heat, and poor ventilation, and mold growth is inevitable.

Stop Mold In Crawlspace With Encapsulation

Encapsulation is the process of enclosing in a crawlspace. There are tiers of crawlspace encapsulation, all of which utilize a heavy-duty vapor barrier. The walls, floor, and footing are sealed with the vapor barrier. A single layer of polyethylene vapor barrier material can block out environmental contaminants, such as dust and mold, moisture, and external air.

The benefits of crawlspace encapsulation vary from improved humidity control, mold elimination. It helps to keep the interior warmer in the winter, adds value to the home, and reduces energy usage. It also provides peace of mind in knowing mold and mildew will never grow in your crawlspace.

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