Coral Shores

Coral Shores’ median real estate price is $959,842, which is more expensive than 94.0% of the neighborhoods in Florida and 92.3% of the U.S.

Based on an exclusive analysis, the average rental price in Coral Shores is currently $2,523. Rents here are currently lower in price than in 58.8% of Florida neighborhoods.

Coral Shores is a suburban neighborhood (based on population density) located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This is a coastal neighborhood (i.e., it is on the ocean, a bay, or an inlet).

Coral Shores real estate comprises medium-sized (three or four bedroom) to small (studio to two-bedroom) single-family homes and apartment complexes/high-rise apartments. A mixture of owners and renters occupies most residential real estate. Many Coral Shores neighborhood residences are older, well-established, and built between 1940 and 1969. Several homes were also built between 1970 and 1999. Pristine Water Damage Restoration

Coral Shores has an 11.8% vacancy rate, which is well above average compared to other U.S. neighborhoods (higher than 67.1% of American neighborhoods). A relatively large percentage of housing here is seasonally occupied (6.1%), which can occur in some markets dominated by colleges or vacation homes. If you live here year-round, you will find many of the homes or apartments are empty for all or a portion of the year.


The neighbors in the Coral Shores neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale are upper-middle income, making it an above-average income neighborhood. An exclusive analysis reveals that this neighborhood has a higher income than 78.4% of the neighborhoods in America. In addition, 7.6% of the children seventeen and under living in this neighborhood live below the federal poverty line, a lower childhood poverty rate than in 57.6% of America’s neighborhoods.

The old saying “You are what you eat” is true. But it is also true that you are what you do for a living. The types of occupations your neighbors have shaped their character, and together as a group, their collective occupations shape the culture of a place.

In the Coral Shores neighborhood, 55.7% of the working population is employed in executive, management, and professional occupations. The second most important occupational group in this neighborhood is sales and service jobs, from major sales accounts to working in fast food restaurants, with 27.6% of the residents employed. Other residents in this Fort Lauderdale, FL neighborhood are employed in manufacturing and laborer occupations (10.5%) and 6.2% in clerical, assistant, and tech support occupations.

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