Water Damage Cleanup Procedures

No one wants to experience a flooded basement or a broken water pipe. The issue will turn your life upside-down and create an immense problem for you to deal with. Nevertheless, you cannot delay fixing this issue or you’ll find yourself dealing with an even bigger problem. Working with a professional is recommended because they’ll … Read more

Unexpected Complications Of Water Damage

Most people are aware of the underlying problems linked to water damage. They understand that water damage will cause wood columns to warp, ceiling panels to sag, and drywall to stain. Although these are common problems, water damage can lead to many other issues. Some of these issues are less apparent. To avoid such problems, … Read more

Spotting Water Damage

Water damage can lead to serious problems. Some of the associated issues will occur within 24 to 48 hours. Therefore, you cannot delay fixing the issue. It is essential to learn how to spot water damage so you can fix the problem before it worsens. How can you be certain that your home has water … Read more

How To Handle Commercial Water Damage Cleanup

Downtime, even when it is temporary is a loss for commercial establishments. While some downtime can be avoided through routine maintenance, it is impossible to completely eliminate the risks. Water breaks, floods, leaky roofs, equipment malfunctions, and HVAC condensation caused by drain line clogs oftentimes lead to downtime. The cleanup alone could take several weeks … Read more

How To Clean Up Water Damaged Kitchen Cabinets

Have you experienced water damage in your kitchen? Unfortunately, the damage is likely more widespread than you initially believed. Wood, drywall, and other materials absorb water. As this happens, the material in question will be damaged. You may encounter crumbling drywall, stained walls, warped wood, and more issues. You’ll also need to check your kitchen … Read more

Don’t Put Off Water Damage Cleanup

When it comes to water damage, it is pertinent to address the problem as quickly as possible. Failing to do so will increase the risk that you’re going to encounter more problems. After all, the standing water is not going to disappear. Instead, wet wood will remain wet and the humidity level will be abnormally … Read more